Back into Bike Season

It’s time to say hello to the mountain again.

After taking some time away from writing (new real world job and all that) I’ve decided there’s no better time to saddle up and get the “bike” rolling again. All across the Northwest, new trail systems, riding groups, and resorts continue to open, welcoming eager riders back into a world of dirt and sweat, style and speed. Let’s dive right back in, and discover the best mountain bike scenes developing across the Northwest.

With the warmer weather over the last few weeks, expect dry and dust conditions throughout much of the Inland Northwest. Fear not! While dust billows and loose gravel flies, the firm base supplied by the heavy rain earlier in the year provides a tacky and secure surface. Silver Mountain reports 100% of the bike park open and ready for business, and the trails remain in firm conditions despite the heavy amounts of racing that occurred over the last few weeks. Around Spokane, Evergreen East ( continues providing all a mountain biker could ever require, with a number of trail work days and group rides on the calendar. Recently, trails at Mt. Spokane have received extra amounts of the groups care, so take a day to explore (everyone, not just bikers, are welcome!) all that they’ve cleared and maintained.

For our readers in the western half of the state, Steven’s Pass Bike Park, while not currently operating due to slow snow melt, plans on opening June 30th. You’ve got two days to get the shred machines prepped, but weather permitting, the trail conditions should be absolutely pristine. If you head north towards Bellingham, stop by Galbraith Mountain; I’ve heard reports that all the singletrack is primed and ready just in time for the summer riding season.

All in all, we’re set up for a perfect summer of riding bikes. With all of the great riding options popping up across the Northwest, the only question you really need to answer is: “Clips or flats?”

Get outside, say hello to the mountain, and enjoy the ride!
– “Hello Mountain” is the property of KHS Bikes.

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