Midweek Movie – “Cam McCaul and the 29+ Challenge”

There’s been a lot of debate about the 29er. Some argue it’s too big for an trail bike, weighing too much to throw tricks with wheels that act like sails caught in the wind. Others, myself included, believe that the 29er is the next step in progressive mountain biking and is here to stay for many years to come.

Whatever your allegiance, there’s no denying that in the hands of a proper rider, any bike can do anything. As far as 29ers go, the Trek Stache 29+ is a strange beast, but Cam McCaul’s partnership with Vital MTB proves that no matter what bike you’re on, its possible to do just about whatever you want. Even if its an almost-fat-bike-29er-with-sails-for-wheels. I don’t think I can ever say my riding ability is limited by the bike I ride ever again.

It’s always the rider, not the bike.

photo: trekbikes.com


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