Beacon Bulletin

If you’re looking to get a ride in this weekend, Beacon Hill is the place to be. Earlier in the week, the trails exhibited solid berms, fast singletrack, and an overall pleasant ride. Add in the recent rain we’ve had over the last few days, and expect to find some of the best conditions we’ve seen all year. Despite the recent fires in the area, the trails remain unaffected, and are ready to be fully explored. 

From the radio towers

The trails on the Esmeralda side of things are mostly hardpacked, now likely nice and tacky given the moisture, with a few rocks scattered about that are for a fast, if not very smooth ride. Anyone with a full suspension should have no problems cruising up or down, those of us with hardtails should just expect a few extra bumps along the way. 

Camp Sekani trails are looking well put together right about now
The Camp Sekani trail system looks especially strong with the recent work down by the local chapter of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, so make sure to head over and check out the new features put in on the east side of the trail system. 

Also, be aware of the Eastoberfest Enduro Race coming up in October. It happens Oct. 15th, and any questions you might have can be answered at the Evergreen East website. 

Overall, once the sun starts shining today, the weekend should offer plenty of opportunities for some cool, fast riding. Make sure to take full advantage of the conditions, and get out fer a rip! 

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