Riverside Report

We’ve had rain, we’ve had wind, but most of all we’ve had heat, but after spending a few hours cruising through Riverside State park, I can honestly say the trails are rolling faster than any I’ve seen this summer.

The north side of the park up around Nine Mile Dam and the ORV park remains mostly shaded and compact, with only a few areas up high on the bluffs showing any sand that might hinder a fast pace. We won’t see any rain in the next few weeks, so trail conditions likely will become looser over time, but for now plan on taking full advantage of the cooler evenings over the next few days. 

Leaves are starting to change around the Bowl.
Ride a few miles south, and you’ll find breathtaking views of the Bowl and Pitcher area, a bit more shade, and some technical sections that have been increasingly roughened up by lots of foot traffic by both horses and humans. If you have a few years of experience in the bike you should be able to navigate through without too much difficulty, however those of us with more limited experience will find some sort hike-a-bike sections immediately to the south of the Bowl and Pitcher bridge.

Experience is key traveling through the technical transitions.
In other news, be sure to tune in to NBC Sports today and tomorrow to catch the women’s and men’s mountain bike races. There’s likely to be a few records broken with riders like Annika Langvard of Denmark on the women’s side and Peter Sagan of Slovakia on the men’s.

Also, Brewsfest is live today at 1 pm at Silver Mountain! Check it out for beer, bikes, and a great mountain atmosphere!

Get out and ride this weekend, and as always, have fun getting dirty.

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