Back in the Saddle

We can rebuild him.

Finally, after a broken collar bone, surgery, three and half months of physical therapy and doctors, I can proudly say that I’m back in the saddle and the local trails are looking perfect! After a few rides, Riverside State Park looks like it has seen some heavy usage in the last month and a half, but don’t let that dissuade you from trying out the trails. Due to the mostly wet summer we’ve had so far around Spokane, you can expect decent hard-pack singletrack and tons of quick climbs and turns.


Beacon Hill looks just as good, and with the thunderstorms tossing water down all across Eastern Washington, you can bet on conditions being perfect for riding over the weekend. Just make sure to let the trails dry out a bit before riding,  our friends over at Evergreen East Mountain Bike Alliance have put in enormous amounts of effort to ensure that the trails are better than they have ever been!

Now is the time to get after it at Beacon Hill.


Mt. Spokane trails are still closed due to road work on the main roads, so don’t expect to get much in up there until they reopen on Oct. 7.

There will be more to come in the next few weeks, so here’s to shredding and a perfect second half of summer!


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