Dirt – Hollywood Report

It’s early February. Winter is still in full swing, even if there might not be the snow everywhere to prove it, and we’ve seen a solid week of warmer temperatures and sunny days, creating early spring-like riding conditions all across Washington State. Sure, snow might fall again, but for now, there’s no time like the present to get the bikes out and ready to go for some early season riding.

Leading into the tabletops, Hollywood Line. Credit: Zachary Scott

Beacon Hill, home of Spokane’s major downhill bike park, proved today that the trails are ready to ride and the dirt is in top condition. All the recent snow melt only adds up to compacted trails and some overall clear terrain made even more perfect by the fact that it’s still so early on in the year.

Hollywood Line, Middle Section. Credit: Zachary Scott

The lower part of the Hollywood line remains sturdy, with only a few spots of loose soil around the tabletops in the middle of the trail that can be easily avoided by either jumping them, or rolling around. The upper half looks to have had a few small patches of mud build up, and the construction surrounding the extension of the top of line is still in progress, but all ride-able sections are clear and ready to rip. Make sure you get out there before snow strikes again!

For info and maps of the Beacon Hill area, head over to the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance website.

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