The Beginning

The mountains are calling.

We love adventure. Regardless of where we find ourselves, physically, mentally, or spiritually, there always is a thrill, a wild tingling sensation in our gut that arises at the thought of trying something never before attempted, either by ourselves or by anyone else. This pursuit of adventure, this desire for new exploits, it what drives Duality Outdoors. My name is Zachary Scott; I’m an avid skier, mountain-biker, seeker of adventure, and editor for this new blog. For myself, this blog is the beginning of one of those adventures, so I’d like to take a moment to explain what it is we are all about. Although adventure is everywhere, this site will be all about bringing the outdoor adventures waiting in and around the Pacific Northwest to its readers, and will chronicle the events and exploits associated with these new experiences, in the hopes that a new spectrum of activities and travels will open themselves up. Part of the reason we adventure is because we get to tell everyone else about it, and with Duality Outdoors, we aren’t simply retelling adventure, we’re living it, and hoping you’ll join us for the ride.


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